Sähköpostihuijari joka ei vastannut #2


From: Mr Lukman Golding [admin@journalistlukmangolding.com]
Date: 1.12.2014 17:09
To: Santeri Mäkinen [santeri.makinen@metropolia.fi]
Subject: Urgent information

Good Day,

I am Lukman Golding a journalist. I am currently doing a documentary in Syria on the ISIS and the wars in middle east. I am planing to visit your country for an investment but don't know any body over there, that's the reason i contacted you, maybe you will guide me through and I hope you respond with a little introductions about yourself for the starting of our communications.

I am waiting!. Best Regards.

Lukman Golding

From: Santeri Mäkinen [santeri.makinen@metropolia.fi]
Date: 2.12.2014 13:36
To: Mr Lukman Golding [admin@journalistlukmangolding.com]
Subject: RE: Urgent information

Good day to you, sir!

It is true that among Finlands biggest problems right now, ISIS is probably the most dangerous, if we don't count the recession, Gay peoples right to marry, Päivi Räsänen, poverty, street violence, medical treatment, the police getting downsourced, Russia, Ebola, European Union, Darfur and 250 other much more dangerous problems. But right after them, ISIS is truly a big problem.

This one time I was on my daily walk and I saw a man drive by in his car. The man looked like he was probably quarter muslim, so I got scared and jumped into a nearby bush. I hid in there for three days, fearing for my life. By the end of day one in the bush, I hunted down a squirrel and ate it raw. By the end of day three, I called myself Gu-Rag and hunted down a bear with my bare hands. After I was found and returned to civilization, it took me eight months just to learn the language again. Even these days, when I look outside and see the sun shine, I think about returning to the bush. At least in the bush there was no ISIS.

About myself. I am part man, part machine. Luckily for the people around me, my electric endoskeleton is covered by fleshlike skin (like Terminator), so people don't freak out when they meet me. Also, I occasionally kill people (like Terminator). My hobbies include golf, showering and reading books with short sentences. If the book I'm reading has sentences that are long, I usually give up and play with my superball or something. It's a form of ADD, probably caused by some mechanical malfunctions inside my endoskeleton brains. I also like to take photographs of things that are not usually photographed, like Robin Williams in that one movie where he took photographs of things that were usually not photographed. Attached to this mail is my picture of a google search of a famous painting, Taistelevat Metsot.

Santeri Mäkinen

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