Sähköpostihuijari joka ei vastannut #5


From: Google UK Ltd [huynhvanthao@tiengiang.gov.vn]
Date: 27.2.2015 22:32
To: Santeri Mäkinen [santeri.makinen@luukku.com]
Subject: Official Award Letter

Dear Google User.

You have been selected as a winner for using Google services,attached to this email is Our Official Notification Letter for your perusal.

MD. Matt-Brittin.

Chairman Of The Board and Managing Director Google UK Ltd.
©2015 Google Corporation.

From: Santeri Mäkinen [santeri.makinen@luukku.com]
Date: 28.2.2015 18:27
To: Google UK Ltd [huynhvanthao@tiengiang.gov.vn]
Subject: Official Award Letter

Thank you.

Just to be clear, did I win the Google Award for Most Porn Searches Made In a Year or the award for Most Gay Porn Searches Made In a Year?

With love,


From: Mr. David Carter
Date: 28.2.2015 18:43
To: Santeri Mäkinen [santeri.makinen@luukku.com]
Subject: Validations of Claims.

Google UK Ltd
Belgrave House
76 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 9TQ United Kingdom.

Thanks for inquiring and acknowledging our official notice on Ref No: GFSP/4877/7782/2015 and Batch: GFSP / 977/GPWIN/UK to you, kindly provide all the information required below as stated in your Mandatory Payment form to my e-mail address below for the processing of your claims.Your Parcel is still Valid.

(1)Your Contact Address:
(2)Contact Telephone/Mobile Number:
(4)Full Name:
(7)Marital Status:
(8)Private E-mail:
(9)Ever Won an Online Lottery?:
(11)How Do You Feel As A Winner:
(12)Your Preferred Mode Of Prize Remittance:Thanks & Best Regards,
FAX: +44 116 818 6879.

From: Santeri Mäkinen [santeri.makinen@luukku.com]
Date: 1.3.2015 11:39
To: Mr. David Carter
Subject: Validations of Claims.


Yesterday I tried to google Google Awards and the search engine asked me if I tried to google "awards", and then it took me to the Academy Award site and I couldn't find a way out. Therefore I must conclude Google Awards is a real thing and not a hoax.

Here are the answers to your questions.

(1)Your Contact Address: Elm Street 7a, 08100, Pyongyang North Korea

(2)Contact Telephone/Mobile Number: I don't have a phone number because I don't believe in phones. They freak me out, just like ginger kids or rain.

(3)Nationality/Country: I live in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, so... Nationality Ecuador, Country English.

(4)Full Name: Lord and Reigning Master of Heaven and Earth, Free'er of The People, Champion of the Gods, The Last King of Scotland, Master of the Art of Weapons, The Muscles from Brussels, The Santeri Mäkinen

(5)Occupation: Chief Flying Instructor in The Top Gun Military Fighter School.

(6)Age/Gender: 27 and Male. SuperMale. Like Fabio or that black dude from the commercials and who was in Expendables.

(7)Marital Status: Facebook says no.

(8)Private E-mail: I believe we can use my alter-egos e-mail if we must: ###########@hotmail.com. I once used it to con Louvre. It's a long story.

(9)Ever Won an Online Lottery?: No, but I once organized a lottery when I lived in the country. We had a lottery and we stoned the winner to death. The harvest that year was the best! It's true what they say, "Sacrifice in March, corn have plenty starch."

(11)How Do You Feel As A Winner: I feel great. Just amazing! I can't believe I won the Google Awards! This is almost completely unbelievable. Like literally.

(12)Your Preferred Mode Of Prize Remittance: A moon buggy.

Thank you so much for this award one more time.

With love,